Gansbaai Shark Diving

Climb into our impenetrable floating shark proof cage and feel the adrenaline pump through your veins as a shark swims towards you, opens its mouth and bares its big sharp teeth. Shark cage diving with the great white in Gansbaai is truly an amazing experience. Gansbaai in the Western Cape of South Africa is one of the world’s best, if not the best, great white shark cage diving regions. This quaint little South African fishing village, lies only 160km’s from Cape Town and is known worldwide as ‘The great white shark capital of the world’, making Gansbaai Shark Diving an extremely sought after experience.

Not brave enough to plunge into the shark diving cage for a little adventure with the great whites? This is not at all a problem. Non-divers enjoy viewing great white sharks from our boat without diving. You get an amazingly clear view of these magnificent predators while viewing from the boat. They look literally like submarines gliding past. Great white sharks are surface feeders and our shark handlers are trained to bring them up-close-and-personal against the side of the boat. Their heads and jaws are clearly visible.

The bay also plays host to large numbers of Whales between June – Nov. The Whale numbers often match even those of the famous territory of Hermanus. While on the subject of Marine mammals… schools of up to 500 Dolphins make a spectacular site and are often seen in the bay. All of this makes shark diving in Gansbaai, a unique and sought after experience.

Our Gansbaai Shark Diving Trips

Early Morning Shark Cage Diving

Morning Breaching Trip Mossel Bay

Join us on an early morning shark diving trip in Gansbaai. Mornings generally have the best conditions for the day and occasionally here, we also witness shark breaching because early morning is when sharks are most active and looking to feed.. Shark Breaching occurs when a great white shark gathers speed from deep under the surface of the water to surprise and kill its prey. They gather so much speed before they reach the surface where its prey lies, that it propels the shark right out of the water with an explosive force, often with a seal between its jaws.
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Late Morning Shark Cage Diving

Join us on a late morning shark diving trip. Day time offers the best visibility of the day because sunlight increases visibility, and brings out the true colors of the sharks. A word of warning however, sharks are most active in the early hours of the morning. You can view them from the boat (surface viewing) or from inside of our indestructible shark cage. While most people choose to get in the water and see them at point blank range, at least 25% of our visitors choose to see them from the safety of a boat. Either way, a spectacular viewing is guaranteed!
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"This is an absolutely must when you visit Gansbaai or Hermanus!! This is an experience we will never forget. The crew looks after you very well and are quite skilled in locating and luring the Sharks."

Dwight en Eva D, Netherlands

"This experience was one that I will never forget. My Father, my brother and I went into the cage while by Mother was taking pictures from above. The view of the sharks was better when in the boat but there is a massive adrenaline rush when you enter the cage. Recommend to everyone!!!"

Nikhil P, United Kingdom

Gansbaai Shark Diving Prices

Children (12 under years)
ZAR1050 per person
  • Surface Viewing
Shuttle from Cape Town
ZAR400 per person
  • Pick up from Hotel
  • Drop off at Hotel after dive

Some interesting Gansbaai shark diving facts

Most sharks seen on one trip
Avg number of sharks per trip
Average time of trip (Hrs)
Average time inside cage (mins)


Intermediate Season
Mid Season
Peak Season

The Shark Boat

The 12.5 Meter long boat, The Great White, was custom built in Gansbaai. At 4 Meters wide, The Great White is one of the most stable boats in our industry, helping to radically reduce sea sickness. Its also extremely comfortable, with spacious viewing space, and an on-board toilet. The boat can take up to 32 passengers and 5 crew members, but we seldom take more than 24 passengers. The highly qualified crew is made up of our Level 3 Medic/Skipper, the dive master, videographer, bait handler and deckhand. They are all well trained to see to any and all emergency situations in a skilled manner.

The boat, cage and fittings on the boat comply strictly with the South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA). They are regularly inspected by SAMSA and go through thorough quality checks and maintenance every month.
The safety equipment on the boat consists of a cell phone, radio phone, first aid medical kits, fire extinguishers, life jackets and a life boat that can carry 65 passengers.
The boat offers a great all round comfortable experience, helping  make your shark cage dive in Gansbaai a truly memorable one.

Gansbaai shark diving FAQ

Do I need diving qualifications?

Not at all. Diving experience is not necessary, unless you have already pre-arranged with us to SCUBA.

How deep underwater will we go?

The cage floats on the surface of the sea and is attached to the boat, which means that most of the time you are above the water (still in the cage), waiting for the skipper to spot an incoming shark. The cage is only 3 Meters deep.

How long is the trip?

The average trip is about 3.5 hours long. This varies depending on how quickly the sharks arrive.

How long do we spend in the cage?

Each group spends between 20 to 30 minutes in the water.

Is all equipment supplied?

We supply everything, including towels, wetsuits and all needed diving gear. You need not bring any diving gear, unless you need to make use of a prescription mask.

What do we need to bring along?

Warm clothing is important  as its always a fair amount colder out at sea. Sun glasses, hat or cap, swimming costume, sun block, comfortable shoes, and your camera are also essential.

What is all included in the price?

  • Light lunch, snacks and refreshments on the boat
  • Diving & Viewing
  • Wetsuits and dive equipment is supplied and available in all sizes
  • Certificate of your White Shark Experience

Is it cheaper to go without getting into the cage?

No, tickets are sold per seat taken on boat. Surface viewing of Great White Sharks from the boat is amazing, as you can see from the photos and videos on this website.

Do we use an air supply system?

All but one of the other 14 shark diving companies in South Africa stopped using this system. The reason is that the bubbles that are released from oxygen tanks scare the sharks away so they do not come close to the cage. Even with scuba, the bubbles that are released from oxygen tanks scare the sharks away so they do not come close to the cage.
I know this sounds funny, because sharks are fearsome creatures, but its true, they hate the bubbles.
If the visibility of the water is bad on a specific day, the sharks will not come close enough for you to see anything.
A shark never stays by the cage for more than 10 seconds at a time, so holding your breath is no problem and by far the best method for shark cag diving.

What is the best time of the day to go shark cage diving?

Early morning is best. The first trip of the day is the one where the sharks are most active, while later in the day there are few  sharks and they are not very active. Also sea and weather conditions are usually best early in the morning. If this is a once in life experience, then its definitely worth waking up at 4am to experience this, but if you have been before and plan to go again and don’t mind taking a chance of not seeing many sharks ,then the 2nd trip is also fine.

All about our super-safe shark diving cage

Built for Safety

The cage is made from galvanized steel to be 100% shark proof and is exceptionally strong, making it safe for viewing sharks up close. It has been professionally engineered and covered with a robust security mesh. The cage has plenty of room for all divers and has support bars for the hands and feet, providing you with firm grip and stability, so that you are and feel safe while taking underwater pictures of the sharks. There are no sharp edges making it very safe for not only you but our beloved Great White Sharks also. The cage is firmly attached to the boat and always stays on the surface of the ocean,  which means that divers can get in and out of the cage when ever they want to. The top of the cage is safely covered and the cage is built to withstand all types of impact. Sharks do not attack the cage as they are not interested in attacking people.

A misconception is that the cage gets lowered into the ocean. This is not at all the case. The shark cage is in fact attached to the boat at all times, and floats at least 60 centimetres above the water while the rest of the cage is submerged at about two meters deep, which means that when the shark comes to the cage, its you that goes deeper into the cage, and not the cage that goes deeper into the ocean.