Gansbaai Shark Diving FAQ

Gansbaai shark diving FAQ

Do I need diving qualifications?

Not at all. Diving experience is not necessary, unless you have already pre-arranged with us to SCUBA.

How deep underwater will we go?

The cage floats on the surface of the sea and is attached to the boat, which means that most of the time you are above the water (still in the cage), waiting for the skipper to spot an incoming shark. The cage is only 3 Meters deep.

What are the meeting times?

The morning and afternoon trip meets 1 hour before departure for a buffet breakfast/ lunch, payments and a safety briefing. Generally the morning trip is at 8am but can and does change often. Departure times are only decided by the skipper the day before your trip and are dependent on weather, tides and sea conditions. We will let you know your exact meeting time before 5pm the afternoon before your trip.
We go out daily in the mornings but the 2nd trip (late morning) is dependent on if we have enough people to go out or not.

How long is the trip?

The average trip is about 3.5 hours long. This varies depending on how quickly the sharks arrive.

How long do we spend in the cage?

Each group spends between 20 to 30 minutes in the water.

Is all equipment supplied?

We supply everything, including towels, wetsuits and all needed diving gear. You need not bring any diving gear, unless you need to make use of a prescription mask.

What do we need to bring along?

Warm clothing is important  as its always a fair amount colder out at sea. Sun glasses, hat or cap, swimming costume, sun block, comfortable shoes, and your camera are also essential.

What is all included in the price?

  • Light lunch, snacks and refreshments on the boat
  • Diving & Viewing
  • Wetsuits and dive equipment is supplied and available in all sizes
  • Certificate of your White Shark Experience

Is it cheaper to go without getting into the cage?

No, tickets are sold per seat taken on boat. Surface viewing of Great White Sharks from the boat is amazing, as you can see from the photos and videos on this website.

Do we use an air supply system?

All but one of the other 14 shark diving companies in South Africa stopped using this system. The reason is that the bubbles that are released from oxygen tanks scare the sharks away so they do not come close to the cage. Even with scuba, the bubbles that are released from oxygen tanks scare the sharks away so they do not come close to the cage.
I know this sounds funny, because sharks are fearsome creatures, but its true, they hate the bubbles.
If the visibility of the water is bad on a specific day, the sharks will not come close enough for you to see anything.
A shark never stays by the cage for more than 10 seconds at a time, so holding your breath is no problem and by far the best method for shark cag diving.

What is the best time of the day to go shark cage diving?

Early morning is best. The first trip of the day is the one where the sharks are most active, while later in the day there are few  sharks and they are not very active. Also sea and weather conditions are usually best early in the morning. If this is a once in life experience, then its definitely worth waking up at 4am to experience this, but if you have been before and plan to go again and don’t mind taking a chance of not seeing many sharks ,then the 2nd trip is also fine.